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  • Prospective Member Information

  • Someone who: (1) in conjunction with all persons related to them, has majority (>50%) share ownership of the company; (2) has a right, either immediately or in the future, to acquire majority shares; or (3) controls the company according to the corporate governing documents.
  • Someone who, in conjunction with all persons related to them, owns not less than 10% of the issued shares of any class of capital stock of the employer or does not deal at arm's length with the employer.
  • Are you currently accruing or have you previously accrued pension benefits in a defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan?
  • Company Information

  • Eligibility for Past Service Benefits

    Members are eligible for past service benefits for earnings starting from 1990. However, before an employer can provide past service benefits to contribute on behalf of the IPP member, tax regulations require that the member satisfy certain RRSP conditions.
  • RRSP Information can be found on CRA's My Account or from your most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA). A copy of your NOA will be requested upon plan implementation.
  • All current year contributions, excluding contributions made in the first 60 days for prior year deductions
  • Employment Income History

    Only T4-type income from the company that will participate in the plan is eligible for pension purposes. To provide T4 income history, you may:

    1. 1. Retrieve historic T4 slips and attach them below prior to submitting this form
    2. 2. Log into CRA's My Account and attach of copy of the T4 history below.
    3. 3. If only estimates are available at this time, complete the fields below. Note that this option will require a verification process prior to implementation, and may have an impact on the accuracy of the plan funding quote.
  • Submitter Information

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